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Friday, July 16, 2010

Toys Toys Toys!

So, Kirby has been here for nearly a week, and he has made his preferences known!

1. Kirby knows which toys he likes, and he will remove them from the toy box first, even if this means digging/plowing/exploding through the second rate toys at the top of the box.

2. Kirby prefers plush toys over rubber/nylabone/kong

3. Kirby will destroy eyes/ears /tails first, before carefully tearing holes along the seams or just
right through the middle of his toys.

Trying to see it from a dog's perspective, I can understand trying to get those eyes and ears off- they come off easily, so it feels like you're making progress! Hahah!

Here's something I wanted to chronicle- When Cindy sent us home with Kirby, she also sent his favorite toy.

C'mon, I'm napping here!

Okay, so in this photo it doesn't look much like a toy. Don't let looks decieve you. He walks around with this thing, he sleeps on it, he drags toys into it, it is an all purpose fun house for this dog. I'm happy we were able to bring something home that he loves so much!

Oh- and about the eyes and ears thing... I knew Kirby would eat the tags off of stuff, so I was very careful to cut tags off of all of his toys before he came home. What I didn't think about though, was the eyes and noses on some of the toys- they're just glued on! Here's Kirby's "bear" after surgery:

We should re-name him no face. :(

For retrieval, Kirby really loves his football. I think he's drawn to the plush/fabric toys because right now his little mouth can't open wide enough to carry anything else reliably. I've seen those itty bitty tennis balls, but those seem a little risky to me. Anyway, here's our bruiser practicing retrieval:

Look at that leg action! :)
Ace's mama suggested some great plush toys- I need to look into them for this guy. Run of the mill plushies just don't stand the test of teeth! :)


  1. He is SUCH a cute guy!!!
    Yea I posted on the last one again, it's GODOGFUN.COM and they are called puppy balls or something!!
    I ended up finding one at a boutique, but other than that, it seems like they sell them online!!
    I cannot beleive how well it has held up!
    I love the tent! I would never get Ace in something like that though..hahaha
    LOL he does look like a little football player in the last pic! LOVE IT

  2. What a cutie!

    My Bella really likes the plush toys as well... she's a pretty vigorous chewer, and we've had good luck with these: http://www.tuffietoys.com/

  3. http://ouraussiepuppy.blogspot.com/2009/06/favorite-toys.html

    Bandit loved plush toys (see link above) when he was a little guy, but nowadays they wouldn't last too long. He now needs rubbery, indestructible toys that make him think.

  4. Woof! Kirby probably likes soft toys because they are soft on his delicate mouth. Thats why I liked them! I sure wish I had one of those fun play houses when I was a puppy.

    Licks of Love,

  5. Ryker likes all kinds of toys. His plush ones have undergone many surgeries but he still has his bunny that Jamie (Makana Mini Aussies) gave to him. One of our favorite and strongest is the ball with holes in it...they come in several sizes too!
    Here is another of his favorites that he has had for more than a year...minus eyes,nose and mouth :)