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Friday, July 16, 2010

House Training...

Kirby had an accident today- I'm guessing my enzymatic cleaner didn't do the job. (It was the same spot where he piddled when we had guests) I'm using purina multi -surface stain and odor eliminator. Does anyone else use that? I should probably just go pick up some nature's miracle. I know, I know, he's 9 1/2 weeks, I shouldn't be upset. (I'm not upset, just worried)

I'm afraid I'm sabotaging his house training by taking him out too often. Is that possible? I really want him to feel successful, but if he's not being corrected in the house enough, maybe he won't understand that the carpet is not a toilet. I want him to be successful, and I think he's starting to understand my repeated "go potty!", (He usually sniffs out a spot and goes when I say it) I take him out every 45-60 minutes during the day. Is that too much? He's never asked to go out. He has asked to come in though. That is probably the most concerning thing. He never wants out! He likes being out there, but he'd rather sit with us than go to the door.

I'm thinking about this even more because the cat has come down with diarrhea... It happens when he gets stressed out, I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did! I've got him put away upstairs in his bathroom. At least the Purina cleaner gets rid of the smell!

I know, I'm being overdramatic, but I'm afraid I'm ruining my perfect little puppers! (okay, I'm done. :P)


  1. Woof! Your doing just fine Kerry! Don't worry one bit. Paige was the queen of taking me outside. I think my first 3 weeks where spent more outside than inside. Paige always went with me when I was outside, so that I didn't get into anything and so that she could reward me. And, also because at the time there were construction workers in the backyard and she didn't want me out there alone with them! Hehe. Don't worry to much. Im sure Kirby will turn out just fine! Paige always used Natures Miracle when cleaning my accidents. She wants me to tell you to get some, 'cuz it works! :-) I wish you the bestest woofs!

    Licks of Love,

  2. When we got Bandit last summer we had such beautiful weather for the longest stretch. I was taking him outside constantly. He caught on immediately, though a lot of the credit had to go to Bandit's breeders. He already had the fundamentals down. It was just up to us to reenforce them. Just do lots and lots of praise and make anything (numbers #1 and #2) a HUGE deal. You're doing great!! We used Nature's Miracle here as well. I always have some handy for those "just in case" moments. We have a kitty too.

  3. We use Nature's Miracle. I am happy with it. If he repeatedly wants to use that spot it has been suggested you try feeding him there as they don't like to eat and soil in the same areas. Ryker always had a few favorite spots he liked to use as I think that is the norm.
    Just keep being consistent. Some have had good luck teaching them to ring a bell tied to the door handle...didn't work for us...he ran it coming back in but never going out. We have a cat door and Ryker still fits threw it.
    Just as we had him trained (at about 4 months) a big Moose came and hung out in the yard...terrified him and he did not want to go out at night or alone...took another 2 months before he was 100% again. Life is full of surprises!!!
    I think you are doing a super job. If you can keep up the every hour thing good for you! I would encourage you to take him to the same general spot each time...save from have the whole yard as a toilet and then you know were to go to clean up after him. We have a big yard and it is like an Easter egg hunt every other day!
    Oh, Try some Probiotics for Riker...Purina makes a good one called Fortiflora, good for both cats and dogs! Here is a link to some on Amazon.com or do a web search...
    I esp. use it if Ryker has been drinking from lakes or streams or stressed. I think i will do a post on it and a few other supplements I feel everyone should keep on hand.



  4. Oh gosh! You are doing great! I did that as well. Ace didn't start asking to go outside till he was about 3 or 4 months old haha. Now that we are visiting family and staying at different houses I am back to letting him out on my schedule. He will catch on soon enough and he will tell you!
    He is doing GREAT though! only a few accidents!!
    Oh, and I never could find any of those pet cleaners or deoderizers so I used White Vinegar and water (the vet recommended it). It kept him from going in the same spot and it sure as heck gets rid of the smell! hahaha

  5. Hey! You should totally check the toys out...Ace has had it for a week and it's totally in tact!! AMAZING! The only thing that has lasted that long...well longer (2 months) is his rubber monkey toy..from a previous post...but they are really hard to find...*sigh*
    the site is godogfun.com and they are the puppy tough balls!
    SO CUTE!