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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

9 weeks old!

Yesterday Kirby officially turned 9 weeks old! He's pretty big for 9 weeks. At his first vet visit two days ago he weighed in at 11.6 pounds. The vet even removed the term "mini" off of his charts! Kirby was totally offended. Okay, not really, he was a little too preoccupied with being nervous about having a thermometer stuck in his rear and all 29 vet techs coming to visit the most adorable puppy in the office. ;) Anyway... He's a chunk!

I'm just big-boned!

You would think turning 9 weeks would be a fun and exciting day, but... it was pretty stressful. We started the day with the revolution flea/tick/heartworm meds, which wasn't fun. Shortly after that, (too shortly) Kirby ran headfirst into the bird bath, spilling a good amount of water right over his neck- the spot that isn't supposed to be washed for at least 2 hours after the medication was applied.

Kirby faces off with the bird bath.
Later that day, we decided to have our first houseguests since Kirby has arrived. We figured 3 days was plenty of time to get comfortable in the house... not so much. Kirby whimpered when they arrived, and dove into my arms (I was sitting on the floor) When I ignored his bashfulness and walked away, he ran straight to Stan, my husband. I got our guests some treats and they quietly aproached the hiding/growling/whimpering Kirby, and when he figured out they were friendly, he warmed up pretty quickly. They stayed a little later than Kirby's bedtime (10-10:30) and Kirby put himself into his "bedroom." (The ex-pen where Kirby sleeps at night, and stays when we're out of the house) Little did we know, that after he "put himself to bed" he got up again and left us a puppy present in the hallway. This was Kirby's first accident since we brought him home! We were bummed, but couldn't do much because we didn't find it until this morning. We also found that he had piddled in his bedroom. That means that he has to start sleeping in the crate- which is located with an open door in his bedroom. He's in there right now (It's about 11:00 PM). He cried for about 15 minutes, and he's been quiet ever since! Yes! :)
Here's a question for all of you doggie people- do any of your dogs need to think you're not home to quiet down? Kirby is great in the crate/bedroom when no one is home (or the door is open) but if he can see us nearby, he panics and wants out NOW- he wants to be with us! It's so bad that when I've been crate traning him (actually in the crate) with his kong during the day, I actually have to put a blanket over the crate like he is a bird or something for him to chill out. Is that weird? I don't know if I'm being super mean or something. I hope not! What do you think?


  1. That's not weird at all! Aussies like to be with their people and get distressed if they aren't allowed to be out and about when you are. It took us quite a while for Simon to be okay in his crate when we were there - but he still doesn't like it (and honestly is generally so good in the house at this point that he doesn't have to stay in it). It's a good lesson to teach though because sometimes you need them to be in the crate while people are around - say if you're having a big party or something and people are coming in and out the front door. So even if you don't end up using it much, it's worthwhile to teach the positive nature of the crate.

    Try putting it in the family room and having Kirby go in there for short periods of time (like 5 min) with a treat or bone while you're watching tv. Don't get him if he's whimpering, but try and catch him to take out before he begins whimpering. This will help teach him the crate is fun and okay if you're there. Just start increasing the time he stays in there while you are around.

    We also did Crate Games training - I bought a DVD but you can probably just google it as well to get the tips. This REALLY helped him feel better about the crate and helped teach the value of "wait" which is imperative at our house as Simon waits to go out doors, get out of cars, and any other time we just need him to be still! He's probably a little young, but you might check it out and see when they recommend you start.

    And we had to keep a blanket over Simon's crate at night for awhile. He eventually grew out of it!

    He's a doll!! Good luck with training - Aussies are SO much fun to train!

  2. Awesome- I will definitely look into the crate games training. My mom, a Brittany owner, recommended "bully sticks" to us- it smells pretty awful so I don't want it on the carpet, and the vet said to make sure I watch him while he's munching- it might be the perfect thing! We shall see.

    Thanks for the great tips! I really appreciate it!

  3. he is just way too cute!! enjoy this 'baby' faze as they grow up so fast (mine our a little bit over a year old now!)

    Congrats on your new baby too!

    got the link from Bandit (Our Mini Australian Shepherd)