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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy 11 Weeks, Kirby!

Do I get a cake?
Kirby is 11 weeks old today- the time is just whipping by! He's signed up for obedience classes that start on friday, and he has his second set of vaccinations tomorrow! I'll also get to see how much he weighs... I'm not worried about him being overweight- He looked really thin when he had a bath the other day!

Our trip to Portland was good- Kirby was on his best behavior in the house, and didn't have even ONE accident! What a champ. Of course we came home, and he piddled on the floor that evening. I expected Kirby to be happy to be home, happy to get back into his routine of sleeping in his bed, in his house, etc. NOPE! Yesterday was a trial- He didn't want to be left alone for even a minute, he whined when I put him in his ex-pen (with a bully stick- a treat!) so I could take a shower, and he's waking up on the schedule that he did when we first brought him home. It was like starting from square one. Today has gone better, but he still whined and barked all morning. I know it's not because he needs to potty- When I took him out at 7:30 he just wanted to play. Grrrr. I know, I shouldn't complain, right? 7:30? He had been whining for over an hour, and that was after Stan took him out at 5AM.

I should have expected this. I'm a teacher for heaven's sake- I know how important a routine is for a kiddo, why would it be different for a pup? Duh. :P

Anyway- it's going better today. Kirby is in his pen right now napping away. He now understands "wait" to grab a treat, and then "okay!" to get the treat. He's a smart pup! I'm excited for puppy class on saturday! :)


  1. welcome home!

    uh oh. a barker? hope he grows out of that or learns it doesn't get him any where. we are so thankful dash never picked up that habit :)

  2. Oh my! 11 weeks already?! Whew! Now it's really going to get fun! Hope he does well with obedience classes. I bet he'll have a blast. I've decided to do my own obedience clicker training, but I'm still considering classes for socialization. I just don't know if it's worth the money if he already knows sit, down and stay already. I don't know what else beginners puppy classes teaches?

    Oh no need to worry about him being too heavy, he's a puppy! Any fat is baby fat. :) I weighed my man yesterday and he was 9.8lbs and he turned 9 weeks back on Sunday. I can tell he feels much heavier than the 4.5lbs that he came home at. lol So funny about that fluffy fur, once it's wet, they looks super skinny! LOL

    Let me tell you what I found recently that has gave me much peace, let me take showers and let me sleep at night -

    I bought it last weekend and it has Reuben baffled for quite a while. He's figured it out, but it still take a ton of time to get all of the kibble out of it. Get the big one, it's expensive at $15, but it's WELL WORTH IT. Also, stuffing the puppy with kibble and lining the inside of the opening with peanut butter gets him interested too. I give one at night and keep the other one loaded on the counter for anytime he starts up in the middle of the night. I'll reload in the morning when I'm trying to get ready for work.

  3. oh let me tell you a little more about this orange ball. It has a ton of craters in it, but only one crater has a hole where the food comes out. the large size holds a ton of kibble or treats. The small may be too small to where he will try to pick it up with his mouth. The large is just perfect for rolling. If you hold the ball upside down, the kibble doesn't come pouring out, There is something tricky inside of it to keep it from pouring out. Only 3 piece max will come out, most of the time, 1 piece. It lasts for hours!

  4. Kirby - you're parents are so lucky to have all this fun puppy stuff to do, but what's obedience? Don't think we know that word!
    The Road Dogs

  5. That's great! Kirby is a smart lad.
    Just be careful about going to puppy class before he had his 3rd jab because it is always better safe than sorry you know.

    It sounds like you're doing such a good job training him and all! Dogs LOVE routine and that's what Eva can look forward to everyday!