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Friday, July 30, 2010

Catch-up post...

I always feel like I'm playing catch up! I can never post as things happen- I'm always behind. :P Anyway- Kirby had his second round of shots this week, and the vet gave us the OK for puppy classes on saturday, which is great! :) She said that so long as everyone in class has had 2 rounds of vaccinations (and has to prove it to come to class, which is the case) it should be pretty safe. Also, Kirby is pretty fearful around other dogs, he REALLY needs to get in there and play with some other pups. It's weird... the dog has to be a perfect mix for him to feel comfortable- They have to be totally reserved at first, but then they need to get riled up and rambunctious and play. If the dog doesn't follow this strict schedule, Kirby isn't having it, and he'll hide behind me, or under a tree, or whatever. He has stopped running from people that come over to the house though- now he gets overexcited and pees a little bit. I kind of liked it better when he hid at first. :P AH the joys of socialization.

Kirby weighed in at 14.2 lbs btw. :)

After shots, I thought Kirby would be totally lethargic and sleepy- plus it was a hot day, which usually slows him down a lot. NOPE! Kirby decided that it was the perfect time to be totally crazy and excited- but only inside where it was cool. It was a little much for me, so I decided to let Kirby have a playdate with the sprinkler.

Am I doing this right?

He was a little hesitant at first... barking, running away, "sneaking up" on it.... etc. Eventually he just tried to bite it, and then he realized he could lick the water out, and suddenly it was a fun toy!

He looks like a bunny! Even down to the cotton tail!

He soaked himself, and then to dry off, rolled in the dirt under the deck. He was a muddy puppy!
I am ready to come in now!

He got a rinse and towel dry before he came in, and then he took a LONG nap. I think the shots, and the excitement all caught up with him. It was a fun day! Puppy class starts tomorrow!


  1. That second-to-the-last picture is just priceless! He's certainly having fun, and what a happy face!

  2. Ah those pics are so freaking adorable!!! 14.2 lbs? Whew!! I just weighed Reuben this morning and he is at 10.8 lbs and he turns 10 weeks old on Sunday, so I guess a week and a half behind Kirby. But still...3 lbs heavier means Kirby will be a big boy! Or Reuben will be tiny, who knows? Roob has his 2nd round shots scheduled for Thursday of next week. Hopefully he won't sleep through the whole thing again. lol

    That's so funny that Kirby discovered the sprinkler! Definitely looks like a water dog, for sure! And every boy has to have a roll in the mud every now and then! So freaking cute!

  3. Kirby is a gorgeous pup! We'll look forward to hearing about puppy training classes!

    Your buddy,

  4. That's great that he's going to go and meet other puppies! Hope he has fun!!!!

  5. He DID look like a big bunny it that one pic, too cute! It's really good that Kirby is going to puppy class so that he can get better adjusted doggy wise! It's so much easier to socialize when they are babies!!! :)