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My husband and I are new puppy owners- this is our first dog together, and we're working through what it means to be puppy parents!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Small Victories!

Kirby has been working hard on "lay down." Inside it has been a struggle to get him to do it with the treat on the ground, let alone standing up and showing him a treat. His typical reaction is to jump up at the treat or bark. He is always starting in a sit position, and he knows he's supposed to do... something! Outside he's gone potty when we've said down, jumped up at us, barked, or walked away. He tries so hard! Today was the first day that I said down and started to bring the treat down that he actually did it! Yay Kirby! What a champ! It was near the end of his training session though, and the next time we tried it, he chewed on a weed. :P What a goofball. Anyway, he's getting it! It feels great.

Today we have guests coming over again- not the same ones, and I'm more prepared this time as well. I'll have treats at the door for them to give, and warn them to come in calmly. We shall see how it goes! :)


  1. Hi,
    Kirby is a big guy. At 10 weeks Ryker's
    weigh was 8.6# and now at 15 months he is 19.5" at the top of the shoulder blade and 32#. Not really mini size either, but we think he is perfect!
    Kirby is so young, take it slow and make it fun...it will come. They are so smart! When the time is right age wise it will all come together. We did not get good recall till Ryker was almost a year old...just to distracted he was!
    Ryker is our first dog in a long time. He is amazing and so much more than I thought a dog could be. I am so excited for you!
    ~Sandy and Ryker

  2. Kirby is SO cute! Thanks for sending me that email to tell me about your blog! I appreciate it! I just LOVE aussie blogs! They helped me so much when we got Ace! It felt so great to have a community of other aussie lovers/owners who could offer advice & tips!
    Ryker's mom is SO right....In time...things will happen! haha Ace is not even 6 months and he knows so much already! I didn't know dogs were SOOOOO smart!!
    I am so excited to be your blogging buddy! :)

  3. Thanks guys! This is super exciting- I am so happy to have a community of people who understand exactly how fun/hard/amazing puppy ownership is- especially aussie puppies! And, I mean, really, who DOESN'T love looking at adorable pet photos- I could spend all day looking at your archived posts just for the photos! (The information is good too though :P)
    -Kerry & Kirby

  4. Hey!!
    Thanks for the comment! Yea, it was a REALLY stressful experience. I wish I could have gotten him on the same flight, but it was dangerous and the airline forbids it when the weather is too hot.
    Continental has a special pet transport program where the cabin is temperature controlled and passengers are on the plane as well.
    They keep the pets in a certain section!
    AH, I didn't sleep all night before Ace's flight and had anxiety all day!!! I had read horror stories but Ace was a champ about it. We will be flying again in about a month or so when we relocate to NY to stay with my dad for a while. I know most sites say you should only travel with your dog if absolutely nessesary, but it was due to some family issues....sadly. I hope everything will work itself out and then we will be traveling a third time!
    At a time like this when everything seems so mixed up in my life it is nice to have all these wonderful blogs to read and bloggers to connect with!