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My husband and I are new puppy owners- this is our first dog together, and we're working through what it means to be puppy parents!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary to me! (and Stan I guess too)

Hooray! Today was our third anniversary, and everything was great. Kirby was patient and easy going when Stan and I wanted to go to dinner. He walked right into his room (not the crate- he's still not a huge fan of that yet) and played with his empty water bottle that he LOVES, while we went out! What a great pup. He didn't want to go into his crate tonight, but he did so and didn't make a peep, even after we tossed the blanket over him and turned out the lights. Night night! I feel like I have a superstar dog; he's taking it like a champ!

Okay, I'll go to bed...

45 minutes later, he starts yipping away. I'm positive something must be up, so I send Stan out to help Kirby take care of business. Kirby, of course, did not need to take care of business, he needed to play! Stan wasn't up for that, so he goes to round Kirby up, and meanwhile, our sneaky cat Riker decided he would come out too. He wants out all the time, but Riker isn't really allowed outside anymore. He used to be an indoor/outdoor cat when we lived in an apartment- He was great about coming home, and totally confident. Here he turns into a different animal once he gets outside. He gets scared, doesn't recognize us, and runs off or hides. He disappeared for 36 hours once!

I'll just let myself out here...

So Stan is outside, trying to snag the cat, and bring Kirby in, and then they get too close. Riker takes a swipe at Kirby, misses, tries again, and finally Kirby gets the picture. Stan eventually got all animals safely indoors (and in crates if necessary) for the night. So much for a superstar night! He's actually silent now. We realized we were being too loud and he could probably hear us. Once we were quiet, he was quiet. Funny how that works. The pup "misbehaves" but we're the ones causing it. Ah well, Kirby will have me trained soon enough. ;)


  1. Our Suka is a few weeks older than your Kirby but I had to laugh when I read about how Kirby woke up and started yapping in his crate. Usually we put Suka in his crate at night right before we go up, but last night we didn't get upstairs right away. He was settled down for the night, but then when he heard our footsteps he decided that we weren't nice for crating him while we were up so he started whining, yapping and crying. I didn't get him out of his crate though and he stopped after a few minutes and settled back in, but I bet he was perturbed :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you're doing all the right things to show Kirby who's alpha dog - that really is important. Your blog is so cool looking, and I love the picture of Kirby at the top. What a sweetie!!

  3. Woof! Happy Anniversary to you two!
    Kirby sounds like quite the puppy! Him and I would make great friends. I just know it. I love the picture of the cat pawing at the window trying to open it! Thats just too funny. Paige says that cats and I don't mix very well. Im too scared of them. They chase me! Yikes. I stay clear of those things. Glad that Kirby can tolerate it, cause I sure can't!
    Hopefully he'll start sleeping straight through the night soon! Paige would always have a huge playtime right before bed so that I was so tired I had no choice to sleep...I can't say I approve, because thats kinda tricking me, but hey, it worked!

    Licks of Love,

  4. You are welcome to get ideas off my blog anytime! I do the same thing myself. I've pilfered many things/ideas from other blogs. Thanks for the compliment about Bandit's coat. It really is shiny and reflects a lot of light. I use our kitty comb to comb behind his ears every few days. He tends to get knots behind there if I don't keep at it. I also will comb his britches and feathers. Then, I will "slicker brush" his body. As hairy as his underside is, the hair doesn't tend to get knotted or clumped, which is good. I comb the underside as much as I can. Bandit tends to like brushing/combing time and will lay down on his side while I work. Then I get him up and turn him on his other side while I finish up. When I bathe him I use a soap-free shampoo which doesn't strip all the essential oils. It's called "Naturally Green Tropiclean." The papaya formula has some conditioning in it, and it smells fantastic. We've used it forever on our cat. I took Bandit to a woman in the neighborhood who has a home-based grooming business several months ago. I may take Bandit to her again soon. She cleaned up his paws really nice (trimmed the hair between the pads).

  5. Hi Kirby,
    I love your header picture...u r so cute! It is so true that our furry ones train us! It is defiantly a two way street! Riker is a cutie too. We have 3 cats that go out doors and two that are not allowed. It is always a task trying to keep things straight!
    PS. I learn a lot from Bandit's blog too!