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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Really, blogger?

Okay, so I know I'm behind on reading everyone's blogs. (erm.. sorry about that) I'm sitting here on a sunday night, trying to put off going to bed and starting work tomorrow... (haha) and so I decide it is a great time to catch up on doggy blogs.

I don't know about you guys, but the way I most often catch up is using my own little sidebar- it has the 5 most recently updated blogs posted- and I can click "see more" to.. well... see more. This has worked until today. Today, I got Wordless Wednesday from both Charlie and Dash, and when I click on Dash's entry it has a photo of their wedding, and then it says that Dealing with Dash doesn't exist. Additionally, I haven't seen updates from Simba, Noah, or Eva. They just aren't showing up! Any ideas on what's going on? Totally weird.

PS: I forgot to mention that Kirby weighed in at 21 pounds(!) when we went in about his Kennel Cough. He's 15 weeks old. He's currently sitting with me, munching on a bully stick. He's been really playful, he has a great appetite, and he still loves to bug the kitty. He whines when it's time to take his pill/cough syrup. Not because he doesn't like it, but because I'm not getting the pill wrapped in peanut butter fast enough. I have never seen a dog beg for medicine before, but I'm not complaining. He gets annoyed if I squirt the cough syrup too fast in his mouth, he likes to lick the drops off the end of the syringe. What a goofball. I'm glad he's feeling okay though. OH, and I apologize for the lack of photos lately- I promise, it will be remedied. :)


  1. My mom says that she doesnt know about the bloggie thing. Weird, but she has no clue. I'm glad that Kirby likes to take his medicine. When we give Avery his flea pill and heartworm pill its torture for all involved. (Avery has to take a flea pill instead of the kind you put on skin as it stopped working for him and he has flea allergies). It takes two people to give him medicine. One to hold down and the other to pry open his mouth and clamp it shut when pill finally gets in there. However when he gets benadryl he loves it. Lets me give him benadryl no problem. He likes the taste of it too. How I dont know as it is absolutely revolting. He is one strange dog..LOL!

    But anyways we are really glad Kirby is getting better..

    Chi Kisses
    Avery and Kimberlee (mom)

  2. I'm glad Kirby is feeling better.
    Don't worry about the bloggie thing.
    We find out updated blogs thru the blogger homepage (dashboard)

  3. Wow, 21 pounds, he is a big guy. So glad he is feeling good and taking his medicines well.
    I have had the same thing with Dash's blog? Not with the others luckily.

  4. Glad Kirby is feeling better.

  5. You are getting so big, Kirby! It's great that you're feeling better.


  6. yes, at 21 lbs he's a big guy! dash is really tiny though. as for my wordless wednesday... i posted it by mistake without scheduling the date first. thought i fixed it but maybe not. sorry!!

  7. It's good to hear that Kirby's kennel cough is getting better. Too funny that he loves his medicine, but that certainly makes your job of administering it so much easier!

  8. Wow, 21 pounds! That's getting up there :) I have had problems with Blogger too, but not the same ones. I have noticed that the dashboard updates at a different rate than the blog page, so I always check both.

    Glad Kirby is getting better!

    Emma Rose

  9. You have received a new award (created by Miley) from me for your wonderful and enjoyable blogs. Thank you for sharing with us.


  10. Kennel cough?!! Oh my! I how Kirby feels better soon! So did he get it before getting the vaccination for it?