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Friday, August 13, 2010

It's like herding cats...

Okay, actually it is about herding cats. If you've read posts involving Riker in the past, you know that he is not allowed outside. He gets the runs if he even looks at grass/leaves/weeds/organic matter the wrong way. Riker also looooooves the sun. He finds a sun spot in the house, and sleeps on it all day, moving with the spot as it moves around the room. We didn't have a problem with him trying to escape until Kirby came along. I think there's a jealousy thing going on.

So yesterday, while Stan was out with Kirby, Riker manages to slip out. Stan sees this and rushes to get him back in the house, but he's kind of a slippery cat, and not the easiest to catch. He's struggling, trying to keep Riker from munching on the greenery, when suddenly along comes SUPER DOG!

Kirby apparently noticed what was happening and started... HERDING. I know. He was bred for this- but he's inside with Riker all the time! Riker usually just bats at Kirbs when he tries this, and Kirby runs away. Not this time! Kirby circled around Riker and when Riker wouldn't move, Kirby nipped the AIR next to Riker. Riker was a sitting duck, but Kirby didn't bite, *yay*, he feigned and got Riker off his butt. He then circled the other way to block off the other side of the door, effectively giving Riker one option- go inside. Riker did, and Kirby followed him in, stub wagging. He was promptly praised and given treats- Stan was SO happy to have a helpful partner in cat wrangling.

Okay, I know. This could have been luck; maybe Kirby just has bad aim and that's why he didn't nip the cat, or maybe Kirby was just trying to clear the way so he could get inside without the threat of claws. But, maybe, just maybe, Kirby saw a situation and just instinctively knew what to do. I'll take it.


  1. Love that story! and happy 3 months, Kirby!

    Your buddy,

  2. Too funny! Though I bet that your kitty is annoyed with him. :)

  3. OH that is tooo funny!!
    Kirby has a natural herding instinct!!
    It may seem and look fun but I'm not sure you should allow him to do it.

  4. Yes, he is herding. Our Ryker helps me herd one of our cats (Cleo) that has a similar problem back into the house when she escapes. Very cool, huh?
    BTW - I just awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award! Go to my latest post and C/Paste it to you site if you like. There are a few rules:
    Thank the giver, list 7 things about yourself or Kirby, List 15 new blogs you like and pass on the love!

  5. Kirby's definitely a natural at herding and has strong instinct. Bandit likes herding dogs who are smaller than him at the dog park, and he definitely herds our cat, Simba. Happy three months to Kirby!!

  6. That's instinct! He's gonna be a great cattle/sheep dog someday. We are hoping Mister Higgins will have a natural instinct since I don't have it and can't be bothered with too much running :)

    Emma Rose