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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Three Months, Kirby! :)

Kirby is three months old today! He has gone from quiet, fearful, sleepy, and submissive to loud, rambunctious, outgoing, energetic, and opinionated. I have gone from planning my life completely around him to only planning my life mostly around him.

Kirby knows the commands come, sit, lay down, night night (go in crate and lie down), wait, touch, and touch bells by verbal as well as visual commands. He's working on bang (play dead), and spin. He can do both of those by visual commands, but he doesn't understand the verbal. Commands that don't have visuals, such as bring it, drop it, leave it, and back are all works in progress.

Kirby's favorite chewies are stuffed femur bones and bully sticks. He likes nylabones too, mostly the bacon flavored ones. His favorite treats are Jerky Sticks from Costco (not real jerky- lamb and rice) and Charlie Bears. His favorite toy is his chicken, but balls and frisbees are fun too.

Kirby and Riker are very curious about one another, but neither likes it when the other gets too close. Kirby barks and chases Riker, Riker bats (clawless!) at Kirby. No hissing, no biting from either side. Kirby especially hates it when Riker gets to sit on the couch, because Kirby isn't allowed. Riker hates it when Kirby gets treats, because he's on a special diet and can't have many treats.

Kirby is the loudest puppy in obedience class these days, and whenever he sees another dog he wants to RUN and play and sniff and be best friends forever.

Kirby's facial markings are changing. The copper points right above his eyes have become much more vivid, and more grey and black has developed underneath and around his eyes. His head is still super fluffy, and it's often hard to tell where his ears start. He is starting to tip his head whenever I ask him questions that he doesn't understand. He also has selective hearing. If other dogs are around, I do not exist. We're working on that. ;)

Happy three months, Kirby! You're getting so big!


  1. Kirby is a clever boy for his age! He doesn't need puppy class! Just go to parks to socialize!

    Happy 3 months :)

  2. Sounds like you are having so much fun, or Kirby is I should say. Noah has also discovered lately he has a voice. He is in puppy classes as well. However he is the opposite, he shows his best behavior there. No matter what challenges he presents....wouldnt change a thing about him. Kirby has sharp markings...very handsome dog.

  3. Wow! Kirby is a smart little fella-and so handsome too!

    Your buddy,

  4. Happy three months Kirby! You are just getting more handsome everyday! I love your copper!
    You sound so much like Ryker when he was your age. Ryker was the loudest most "barky" pup in Puppy I class, and it was all about playtime!
    That is a wonderfully long list of tricks! Maybe you can invent some hand signals to go with your other lessons since he is so good with them?