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Friday, August 27, 2010

Home again, Home again... life update!

So, we are home! We have also been very, very busy. I got called while on vacation for a long term sub job. I'll only be working 6 hours a day, and it's offset a little bit from Stan's job, so he should make it home before I do. I start on Monday!

Kirby got his last set of vaccinations last Monday... except for kennel cough. The vet tech that does vaccinations said he's too young. I was skeptical, but she said they haven't had public (as in non-shelter) cases of kennel cough in quite a while, and he's good to go. I explained that we planned on some hard core socializing- dogs we meet on the street, even dog parks. She smiled and said, "He should be fine!"

Guess who has Kennel cough?

Yep, Kirby started coughing yesterday afternoon. He continued coughing.... and continued.... and suddenly it was morning! I called the breeder last night when he was a coughasaurus rex, and she told me to give him some bread and butter to ease his throat, and he would be fine through the night. She doubted it was KC because she's never had a case since she started breeding (1970...something). She was pretty surprised when I gave her the positive report.

The good news is that he's still as rambunctious as ever, eating like a piglet, and he's pretty happy all around. He's not coughing too often, and the vet gave us antibiotics to prevent the KC from moving down into his lungs, as well as a cough syrup so he can get some sleep. Healthy puppies need their beauty rest too!

I hope you'll forgive me for skipping the photos this time around. I wouldn't want my photo taken with weepy eyes and a drippy nose. :(

Moral of this story? Get your dogs vaccinated. We have to miss class for as long as he's showing symptoms. He's under house arrest- so he can play in the yard, but um... that's it. Poor guy is used to walks at the least, and he LOVES visiting friends. So that's our week! It's good to be back in blogland. :)


  1. Welcome Home! Congrats on the job and we hope Kirby is all better soon.

  2. Oh my that's terrible!!!
    Hope the KC goes away QUICKLY!
    You should go and complain to the vet!

  3. Woof! Woof! Sending you my Golden Healing Thouights (KC is not FUn to have). Happy BLOG HOP Weekend. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Glad you're back, Kirby! Sorry to hear about the kennel cough-I had it when Parental Unit first adopted me, but that's because I spent about 5 days in the pound... Take er' easy and take all your antibiotics!

    Your buddy,

  5. Hello Kirby! We are very sorry to hear that you got that yucky stuff called kennel cough. We Sure hope you are feeling better really soon.
    Your Newest followers

  6. Hi Kirby! We were just hopping by and glad we found you. I'm a teenage puppy and also a herding dog--like you! Mom just finally figured out what kind--Australian Kelpie. So, I'm a bit of an Aussie, just a bit different.

    Will look forward to your adventures

  7. Oh, poor kid! I'm sorry he's not feeling well. KC is nasty for a pup. I'm kind of shocked that the tech told you such a silly thing, especially for a puppy! Kisses to Kirby to feel better fast!

  8. Hello...we are stopping by on the blog hop.
    All of our boys have had KC, some worse than others. We hope Kirby feels better soon:)

  9. Welcome back! Sorry to hear little Kirby has kennel cough - yuck. We had hoped to see you today at the sheep herding but I guess you were out of town. We did get to meet Kirby's cutie sister, Mattie!! She's adorable, just like Kirby! And we met their Mama, Bandit's Grandma, Kesley!

  10. My goodness! I am sorry. That must be so stressful. Its true - there are people that live by "not giving dogs vaccinations" WELL - I could say a word or two to them! I would switch vets if my vet told me not to get the KC vac and then my dog came home with KC. Ugh! I am so sorry. I don't think Simba would be alive without his vacs. He is such an illness magnet! LOL Hope this week is better than last!

  11. Hi. My name is Avery Jack and I have added myself to your blog followers list. I sure do hopes that this is okay because I sure would like to be furfriends with a cute puppy like Kirby. My mom's pretend aunt (who has pretend family members anyways..sheesh) has 5 aussies and she (my mom) is constantly amazed at how smart this breed is (as if Chihuahuas are stoopid or something..thanks mom!) My mom says that Kirby is one handsome pupster and that she is very sorry that he has the kennel cough. My mom thoughts that I had it once but that was her being her overreacting self. Anyways enough rambling. Come check out my adventures at www.averyjackstails.blogspot.com

    Hope to see you there soon!

  12. Oh! I posted on your most recent post without reading this one first! Wow, can't believe he got kennel cough before vaccinations!

    Reuben got his bordatella shot when he was 11 weeks old. I just told the vet that we wanted to do puppy classes and some socialization, so they went ahead and gave him the shot. Here, you have to show papers showing that your puppy has got his bordatella shot before signing up for puppy classes.

    It was in great timing too because a week later, we went walking down the sidewalk and met up with our neighbor and her beagle. She picked up her dog and told me that they couldn't stay and play with Reuben because she got a case of kennel cough all of a sudden and was on meds. So I was so thankful that Roo had got his shot! On thursday, Roo gets his last round of shots and gets his rabies license. He'll be a big boy!

    Well I really hope Kirby gets better soon! Give him kisses for me!