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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Deck, the Trip, and the Cat

So, if you hadn't noticed.... Kirby doesn't have the greatest of yards to run around in. My husband and I are new (as of November) homeowners, and the area we had to compromise on was the yard. It was a dirt pile with blackberry bushes when we moved in... we're proud to even have grass growing right now! Anyway, the house came with a deck, but under the deck is completely open, and has become Kirby's secret hiding spot.

You can't see me!

So, Stan decided we need to block the bottom of the deck off before next week, when his mom is house/dog/cat sitting, so Kirby doesn't disappear forever. We're just putting some wooden lattice pieces underneath- Kirby doesn't challenge any border (one of the lucky attributes of our pup) including his ex-pen, crate, or even the baby gates we have leaning on walls blocking off the hallway. A baby gate fell on him once (he was fine) and scared him half to death, so he keeps his distance these days. I'm not worried about him charging the lattice or anything.

I am a little bit nervous about leaving Kirby and Riker to Stan's mom. She's totally sweet and competent, I'm just afraid Kirby is a pill, and might cause her trouble. I guess though, worst case scenario, Kirby gets fed, watered, and the ball thrown once in a while. He'll be okay. I'm leaving my baby for the first time! I'll have lots of instructions and treats and a phone available.... agh. I'm stressing and I don't leave until next Sunday. (We're going to Brookings for a week, which should be relaxing!)

In other news... Kirby and Riker are making... some strides? I don't know. They can be in the same room. Riker doesn't really swipe at Kirby unless provoked... I have heard of cats that disappear for months when a new pet joins the house, and Riker is pretty annoyed, but they can lay on the floor within about 3 feet of each other for a few minutes at a time. The biggest problem is that Kirby wants to play, and Riker is old and fat (yeah, he's fat. He's on a special diet and his lifestyle has dramatically changed since we've moved to this house... we're working on it) and really isn't interested in hanging out.... so Kirby barks. and barks. and barks and barks and barks and barks. When we try to redirect him to a toy, or outside, or whatever, he barks at us. :( It feels bad! It's like he's saying, "Play with me! Play with me!," and "Make him play with me!

Please be my friend!

I'm glad there isn't constant violence. I know that with time, they'll get used to one another, and Kirby will eventually figure out that Riker isn't a playmate, as sad as that is.

Oh! And we made a decision to stop going to the Wednesday pay-per-go class. All the advice from everyone was really helpful, and the attitude of the trainer on Saturday was so positive, and she let the puppies play while we talked through our issues. Kirby was clearly the dominant one, but they got along really well. The other class was too advanced, and we didn't agree with the methods... the list goes on. Thanks everyone for your help! Kirby and I really appreciate it. :)

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