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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Rain, Rain...

So, what do you do when it's pouring out, and your dog needs some exercise? I know, the answer is "take him for a walk anyway..." which makes total sense! Except Kirby hates the rain more than I do. It's true! He begs to go out, and then he squishes his body up against the house, so he fits under our tiny awning. I can coax him to play fetch for maybe 5 or 6 throws, but by then he's done.

I guess I should have anticipated this? We live in Eugene, OR... it's not the sunniest city. Stan and I are used to the rain- I don't even think we own an umbrella- but It's as though Kirby came from sunny SoCal or something. (He didn't, his mama is in Washington)

So, what do you do? We can play indoor catch/fetch... we do lots of obedience stuff.... but we don't really have an indoor doggy playplace nearby. Ideas? I'm not a huge fan of clothes on dogs, but has anyone had any luck with raincoats? I know a tired pup is a good pup- and we need a tired pup around here!


  1. Wish we could give you some good advice, but none of us mind the rain much. Although we have seen a number of pups around blogville that like the raincoats. Two Pitties in the City wear raingear and look fabulous doing it. Maybe they have some good advice for Kirby :)
    The Road Dogs

  2. We have a raincoat for Maddie but.. its always seemed a little pointless because she refuses to wear the hood and booties so she is only 1/3 dry! haha buy a treadmill? :)

  3. I am not a bid fan of rain either...genes again?
    If is just a drizzle we go anyhow, but not in a down pour. We just do indoor activities, Oda sometimes comes over and we have indoor doggy playtime. Mom bought me a winter coat but I hate it, Booties, maybe, but only if it is below zero and the kind the Huskies wear when they race to Nome.

  4. We are under the same rain cloud as you are. We play games inside. The most exhausting ones are the ones that make you think hard. Like trying to learn the name of all your toys, and stuff like that. Maybe a trip to Petco or Home Depot would be fun too.

    Emma Rose

  5. We'd do some indoor games, practise the old tricks or learn something new. OR just snuggling up with each other and listen to the rain!!!

  6. Not sure what to tell you either..Thankfully Suka doesn't mind the rain so much, he comes in the house a sopping muddy mess but at least he gets out some energy in the yard, and then I welcome him with a towel to dry him off and a rawhide to keep his mouth busy when his body cannot be- you could try that maybe :)