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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Puppy Class is Over!

...for now anyway. Kirby had his final exam and graduation on Sunday. The exam was tough! Kirby had a really hard time with leave it.... but one of the "leave-it" items was a filled bone... which is Kirby's go-to item when he has to leave the kitty alone. Same flavor and everything! He still passed, but that part was close!

His shining moment though was his down stay. He did really well. What a champ!

He has his harness on because often times there is something SO EXCITING at class that he pulls (hard!) and chokes himself. He only wears the harness to class.

Kirby and his classmate Ebony both passed the tests. Ebony has had trouble throughout the class, but she was awesome on Sunday too! Look at their grad photos. So cute!

As you can see- Ebony didn't like the hat as much as Kirby did, but she's still one happy pup!
Both dogs are moving up to the intermediate level of training, and will be in the same class again, but this time on Sundays... which actually works out much better for us. Hopefully we'll have a few new playmates in class... we'll see! We'll start up again in mid October. The trainer gave us 4(!!) new tricks to teach Kirby over the break- Shake, bow, sit pretty, and crawl. He's got shake down, and he's pretty good at crawl. Bow is doable, but sit pretty is... well... more like, "Oh, geez, I'm falling!" We might do "roll over" instead. He's halfway there with that one. Exciting stuff!


  1. Congratulations, Kirby!!!

    You friend, Ebony is a sweetie too!

  2. Congrats! The picture is adorable :) I wish my little brother, Higgins, was as well trained as Kirby. But he is a stinker!

    Emma Rose

  3. Congratulations on graduating puppy class, you couldn't have gotten a cuter pic :) Our class was SO different from yours, nothing extra, no frills kind of a class. Good Job Kirby! :)

  4. KIRBY!!!!! We missed you. Congrats on graduating, you look adorable in your cap! We are proud of you. You get bigger everytime we see you.

  5. Congrats! I still remember when Simba passed. My goodness. Those classes were so fun!!