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Friday, September 10, 2010

Kirby went to a carnival!

Kirby got his first real opportunity to herd children last weekend. My sister-in-law's birthday was last weekend, and instead of a traditional party, she throws a little carnival for the neighboring children and her cousins' children. Children as young as 3 were out running around in the yard, and Kirby was right there with them. We had to put him back on the leash once the 1-2 year olds came out, just because his recall isn't fast enough. He would topple them.

He also enjoyed attacking cones, and being photographed in general.

I forgot to mention- both of our families live in Portland- a 2 hour drive from here. Kirby is a rockstar in the car. He sleeps some of the way, sits up and watches the view for a while, or he'll just chill and gnaw on his ball. He's a great car companion... but that's all from the safety of a giant crate. I think if he was out of the crate he'd go nuts. How do you transport your dogs? Tomorrow is puppy class, and I don't have the car that will fit the crate, so Kirby is going to have his harness attached to the seatbelt. I'll let you know how that goes...


  1. Ryker hates the harness. If he had his way he would be sitting on my lap! He generally rides shotgun and when he gets bored he lays down and puts his head in my lap.
    Kirby is starting to stretch out. He is a beautiful boy!

  2. Boy he is starting to get big. As far as travel, Noah hates the harness too. He is usually in the backseat of the truck. Same as Kirby, he will lay a while then watch the view for a bit. He travels great.

  3. Kirby is growing so fast! He is adorable!
    We just let the boys ride in the back of our SUV, they should be in crates but they really don't move around much, they travel good without being restrained.

  4. Opps! I just lost my commment somehow!

    Kirby is so cute :) You can buy doggie seat-belt harnesses. We are going to have them someday when we can afford to buy 3!

    Emma Rose